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Flexible Storage

Posted by on 30 בדצמבר 2022

Couples who move in together, have all of a sudden two sofas, bookshelves are full at some point, and the ski equipment you need only three months in the year. Still need to accommodate the stuff somewhere, either short – or long-term. Your own space is often limited. With self storage"(, the Frankfurter can now Dodge. The storage provider from 39 Euro per four weeks 1300 compartments between 1 and 50 square metres with a minimum stay of 14 days rented in Bockenheim. I needed during the move"an interim solution, Christian Ruhl, self storage customer is told" in Frankfurt. There was idle between extract and forfeiture. For this reason have I stored all self.

I stayed customer also after the move. "The reason is simple: my new House has no basement." So it goes many self storage tenants. Some need to store items up for sale, others make an inheritance and third need just basically more space. For every need there is the correct compartment. The customer can select between 90 different compartment sizes. Some sections are square, others rather elongated, some are as tall as garages, and still others no bigger than a phone booth.

We rent clean, safe and dry compartments", explains Martin Gerhardus, Managing Director of self storage" his new service. Our customers have often too little space or need storage space at a high level in the short term. Often our tenants store precious possession, because the security is paramount, as well as the quality of the stock. The customer must have the certainty that his stuff is not about mouldy and guarded 24 hours." Therefore, the terrain through a multi-tiered security system is protected. Only SelfStorage customers can enter the site with your own code. In addition, the rented compartment is blocked with a private castle. Cameras guard the plant around the clock. Nevertheless, the owner of the compartment is flexible. Anders as at forwarding tenants seven days can enter the grounds and his compartment the week from 6 am to 10 pm. לחץ כאן רמי יהושע ומצא עוד . More information about the company, see you unternehmensinfos.php

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