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Posted by on 8 במרץ 2013

Yourself to learn a language is both simple and complex. Properly organize your classes, select the appropriate technique will find good books and dictionaries – and training can even become a hobby. Habit deal regularly will allow you time to raise the level of knowledge above the level of many university graduates who are not engaged in the language after graduation. Communicating with foreigners, expand social circle. And when you reach goals – can be proud of themselves.

Problems with self-study language learn English on their own – an idea that many attended. But not everyone is able to implement it. Why? The first problem – lack of control. Sometimes, in order not to miss class, you will need even willpower. Can distract anything from an interesting movie on TV before an invitation to walk with friends.

Make yourself a clear timetable and strictly follow it. Next problem – the error. Studying on your own, you must be very careful, sometimes even pedantic. If you make a mistake (albeit minor), studying with a teacher, he fix you. When you learn for yourself, you have no one to fix it and memorized correctly design 'take root' in speech and writing. Relearn harder than learning. Make a schedule of classes make up a schedule of classes, which you will not be difficult to observe. It is desirable to deal with on a daily basis, for an hour – a half with a break for 5-10 minutes. Your schedule is likely to be different, but follow the principle of 'better to do a little often than not, and for a long time.

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