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The Power Of Good Luck

Posted by on 18 באפריל 2020

"Your whole history is full of visions that you have not understood, offers that you have not heard, usasteis advances rejected or evil, which I seized with phenomena rather than " Antonio Gala Minaya few exceptions, the construction of our destinations depends on us, the direction of our lives is our responsibility. In this globalized world we can no longer conceive of ourselves as cork floating in the sea. One must understand that we are sailing in a vast sea of opportunity and to take them or leave them happen is our only responsibility is growing as the nature and power of the helmsman. And Lewis Carroll said that someone with intellect is lost unless it possesses the power of character. When we have the lamp of Diogenes, we must also count on it. Do we have the lamp of Diogenes? That's right. And she is not privileged few enlightened teachers, gurus, saints and mystics. But we must reflect, seek truths without fear or doubt.

And so we now have new responsibilities. For example, guard our thoughts because through them we have power to "rally" on life. Words carefully, choose wisely because they have the power to make the destination. Caring for our influences, be they relatives, teachers, peers, advisors, friends, music, books, TV programs or cybernetics. The information you choose to digest is our ultimate responsibility. Today information is invasive as never before, get into the living room of the house or in our mail without asking permission, we change the mood and with it the color of the day.

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