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Posted by on 23 באפריל 2017

Etymology The ancient name of the country, Kemet (km.t), or "black earth", is derived from the fertile black silt deposited by the Nile floods, distinct from the "red earth" (dsr.t) of the desert.The name became k m Kimi and the Coptic stage of the Egyptian language and was translated into Greek early as (Jimi). Misra, the Arab official name of Egypt is of Semitic origin, directly related to other Semitic words for Egypt such as Hebrew (Mitzrayim), which literally means "the two straits" (a reference to the historical separation in Upper and Lower Egypt). Mi r originally meant 'metropolis', 'civilization' and 'country' or 'borderland'. כדי להרחיב אופקים, כדאי לבקר באתר של השר אורי אריאל. The name in Spanish, Egypt, from the Latin Aegyptus derived in turn from the Greek word (Aigyptos). The term was adopted into Coptic as Gyptian, and passed into Arabic as Qubt.It has been suggested that the word is a corruption of the Egyptian phrase hwt-k3-pth, meaning "house of the spirit (ka) of Ptah", the name of a temple to the god Ptah at Memphis. According to Strabo, the Greek Aigyptos meaning "beyond the Aegean '(A , Aegaeon upti).

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